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We are providing the shared office services at Badarpur Metro Station, Daryaganj & In Faridabad, Haryana.

These are fully furnished office space equipped with WIFI & TELEPHONE CONNECTION and a Reception.

In view of the recent notification of Form No INC22A the companies are required to file the form with the photographs of the external office space with the board having the name & address of the company as required under the section 12(2)(a). Support in case of MCA verification.

The shared offices scheme offered by us have the following features:


Standard Rs.3000/month

Premium Rs.6000/month

Badarpur, New Delhi, Mailing Address

On-site private mailbox

Delivery and information of mails received on daily basis through email

Mail and package handling/receiving

Receipt of Courier/Speed Post/Parcel

Hours of meeting time in Day Office with prebooking.


Five (5)

9 AM to 7 PM access to business centre

Rental of conference rooms on “as needed” basis 

Large Conference Room: Rs.500/- per hour (10 to 12 pax)

Small Conference Room: Rs.300/- per hour (2 to 6 pax)

Day Office: Rs.300 per hour

(1-hr minimums)

Large Conference Room: Rs.3500/- per day (10 to 12 pax)

Small Conference Room: Rs.2200/- per day (2 to 6 pax)

Business license hanging (Addon Charges Rs. 300/- pm)

Discount on all service Charges (10%)



Mail Forwarding.  Every Friday, Plug N Play will collect and send Client’s mail and will charge a fee of postage plus twenty percent (20%). 

Directory Signage.  Client’s business name shall appear on Plug N Play’s physical directory located in the lobby of its building, for a charge of Rs.1000/- one time.

Consent Letter.  Consent letter for the Change of address for the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, for a charge of Rs.2000/- one time (Please note company to maintain on records of MCA that the books of accounts of the company are not maintained at the address of Plug N Play).

Consent Letter.  Consent letter for the address for the GST Registration as management office only (not being depot/sales office), for a charge of Rs.2000/- one time.

In view of the massive increasing demand we are offering packaged services also:

SIX Advance Rental Month Package

6 Month Advance Rental Package

One Time Shared Office Contract Signing


Consent for registered Office


Board/Directory Signage


Monthly Rental @ Rs.3000/- per month


Photographs for INC22A (Director has to come personally for the Photograph)




Discounted Package Charges






Security Deposit Refundable subject to adjustment of dues if any



The whole process may take upto one day from the date of application as we on intent expressed by the client make the search/verification to comply with the know your customer scheme on the basis of the profile of client.


For Due Diligence the KYC of Company i.e. pan card, GSTIN, Certificate of Incorporation with AOA and MOA with the KYC of Directors – Pan Card and Address Proof be emailed to us.


Call on us o 7982125890/email us at plugnplay.business@gmail.com

Visit us on www.registeredoffice.co.in


Sales Team

Sahaj Realtors Private Limited